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Hi, I'm Sarah!

I'm an entrepreneur, sales expert and true believer that everyone has the skills to start and grow a successful business that fills their life with joy.


My work is dedicated to teaching entrepreneurs, small business owners and freelancers the sales skills they need to succeed.  Knowing how to sell yourself and your business will change your life.  Let me show you how.

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Why Do You Need To Know Sales?

The United States is built on people like you.  There are over 30 million small businesses in the country and 57 million freelancers with more starting each day.  The sad news?  50% of them fail in the first five years.

This doesn't need to happen.

The truth is most of us have never been given the skills to succeed in business.  But, it’s not your fault.  These skills simply just aren’t taught in school and most of us never receive that training because we’re not in “sales”.  Let’s change that, shall we?

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Work With Sarah

Sales Team Training

Do you have a sales team that needs group coaching? 

One on One
Executive Coaching

Let's bring my 20 years of experience to your specific issues and needs. Sessions available monthly or bimonthly to help you reach all your sales goals.



Want to learn more and get inspired by others?! Join me around the country to learn, grow and network with other entrepreneurs!

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